Due to the optimum manufacturing quality of our products, we are pleased to say that it is a rare event for warranties to be invoked.  However, our products come complete with one year to six year warranties, ensuring you’re safe in the knowledge that should you need to claim, that the back-up is there.

LP and LPC Series – 1 Year Warranty

Gel - 18 Months
AGM - 12 Months
GTP – 3 Year Warranty
Relion – 5 Year Warranty

AGM – 1 Year Warranty
Supreme AGM – 2 Year warranty
GEL – 18 Months Warranty
GO GOLF – 2 Year
RELION  - full 6 year warranty

FLA – 1 Year Warranty
SFL – 2 Year Warranty
LAGM – 3 Year Warranty
Xtreme – 4 Year Warranty
SLCA – 4 Year Warranty
GTP – 5 Year Warranty
LC / LRC – 5 Year Warranty
PLH – 5 Year Warranty
Relion – 6 Year Warranty

FFP – 1 Year Warranty
FTP - 2 Year Warranty
AGM - 2 Year Warranty
GFP - 3 Year Warranty
GTP – 5 Year Warranty

Xtreme automotive – 4 year warranty

LB – Dry charged – 1 Year warranty
LTX – Sealed Dry Charged – 2 Year Warranty
In the extremely rare case of a warranty issue, we have multiple testing facilities with onsite warranty technicians who all use the latest in battery testing equipment. The largest benefit of our multiple testing facilities is that we can ensure there is as little disruption as possible whilst providing a quick and efficient turnaround.

If you suspect there may be a fault with your battery / charger, please contact our Warranty Support Team on 01858 433 330 or by email at  warranty@leochbattery.co.uk .  Upon logging your issue we will then take a few details and you will be issued with a unique warranty reference number. This can be used throughout the entire process, should you wish to call and track the progress of your battery / charger.

Please note that should you receive a replacement battery by invoking your warranty, the original product’s remaining warranty period will apply to the replacement product.